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Say goodbye to long lines and taking precious time out of your tight schedule!

As a valued member, AAP ensures you can renew your LTO registration hassle-free.

At least a week before your registration deadline, you may avail of this exclusive AAP benefit in just two steps!

  1. Bring the following requirements at the AAP main office:
  • Smoke Emission Test with passing results with the original receipt of payment
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration
  • Original copy of the previous year’s Official Receipt of LTO Registration
  • Original and photocopy of TPL Insurance Certificate of Cover (also offered at AAP offices)
  1. Pay appropriate LTO registration fees to the AAP cashier including “change of venue” fee if the vehicle was previously registered in an LTO office other than the one where AAP registers its members’ vehicles

And you’re good to go!

Keep the following schedules in mind to avoid registration penalties from the LTO

Here are the prescribed MONTH to renew your car’s registration according to the last digit of your license plate:

1 - January
2 - February
3 - March
4 - April
5 - May
6 - June
7 - July
8 - August
9 - September
0 - October

The prescribed WEEK to renew your vehicle registration follows the MIDDLE DIGIT of the car’s license plate:

1, 2, 3          –             1st Week
4, 5, 6          –             2nd Week
7, 8               –             3rd Week
9, 0               –             4th Week


IMPORTANT: Failure to register on or before the scheduled week of registration will result to a fine of P200.

The months to schedule other 
services such as documentation updates, change of color, etc.: