Before you hit the road this summer, make sure that you and your car are in tiptop condition for that long, hot summer drive. Below are some helpful tips for an enjoyable summer vacation.


   The long drive, heavy load and warm temperature put additional stress on your car’s tires. Make sure your tires and spare tire are properly inflated with the correct tire pressure.



   Have your car battery tested. If it is weak, better replace it before a trip than to replace a dead one in the middle of the road.



Oils and fluids

   Replenishing your car’s fuel tank is best done early in the morning when it is cool. About three to six percent more fuel can be loaded compared to filling up at noon when the temperature is higher. Be sure to replenish your car’s fluid, oil, windshield washer fluid, coolant, etc. according to your car’s specification.




   Prevent overheating by regularly checking the level, condition and concentration of your car’s coolant. Get help from professionals in checking the radiator, belts and hoses, cooling fans, heater core and water pump. If your car overheats, do not remove the radiator cap until the engine has cooled down.



Pack smart and don’t overload

   Bring only what’s necessary. Save fuel by packing only the essential things and not your entire closet. A lighter car will use less fuel than a heavy one.

   Preparing your car before that long, hot drive is just half of it. Make sure that you are prepared as well. Have a good night’s sleep before the trip. Set out early and plan your routes in advance to avoid road blocks and traffic jams. Take a break if you feel drowsy or tired from driving, this also allows your car to cool down. If your drive is too long, better have another driver to relieve you when you get tired.

   Do not forget to buckle up and do not drink and drive. Your life, as well as the lives of your passengers, lies in your hands as the driver. Be a responsible motorist by taking good care of your car, following traffic regulations and practicing road safety.

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