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Officials Training Program Course
The future of motor sports in the Philippines looks great now that the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) has obtained approval from the Federation Internationale d’Automobile (FIA) for a grant of 117,992 euros for the upgraded training of local motor sport event officials.

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The grant is only one of a few given by the FIA every year since 2008 to National Sporting Authorities (NSAs) around the world who submit project proposals to the FIA for funding and whose proposed projects are considered deserving by the FIA Institute, which administers the Motor Sport Safety Development Fund (MSSDF).

AAP applied for a grant under the FIA Institute’s Officials Safety Training Program in anticipation of the possible inclusion of the Philippines in the popular V8 Supercars Series in 2014. Originally an Australian local national series, V8 Supercars has expanded worldwide and media-wise to become the third most popular motor sport series in the world. Only Formula One and NASCAR have a larger global audience than V8 Supercars. Its franchise has expanded well beyond Australia and, in 2012, will include China, Dubai and Texas on its calendar. The organizers of V8 Supercars are working on bringing their Series to the Philippines in 2014.

AAP applied for funding from the MSSDF in partnership and with the assistance of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS) --- AAP’s counterpart NSA in Australia --- who will conduct the training program during 2012. CAMS has been chosen by the FIA as one of only a handful of NSAs around the world accredited as a Regional Training Provider. This means that CAMS is rated by the FIA Institute to be as capable as the Institute itself in training local officials in its own region. The fact that it was CAMS who, in only one year, trained local Indian officials for the first Formula One race in India in 2011, is a testament to their training acumen.

AAP is thankful to the FIA and the FIA Institute for the Officials Safety Training grant. AAP looks forward to working with CAMS throughout 2012 to implement the training program. Not only will it develop the ability of Filipinos to officiate at world-class international events such as V8 Supercars, in a broader sense the FIA grant will redound to the benefit of Philippine motor sports as it will assure every Filipino competitor the same high level and standard of officiating as in the highest strata of motor sports worldwide.

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