AAP partners with MyCASA to offer convenient Home Service Vehicle Maintenance


As we get more and more busy, time becomes more and more valuable. Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) and MyCASA are changing the ownership experience of motorists when it comes to taking care of their vehicles. Now, there is no more need to get into long lines at the service center. There is no more need to burden your weekend schedule with half a day of waiting for your car to be serviced.

With the first professional home service vehicle maintenance, all your vehicle maintenance needs can be conveniently done at the place and time of your choosing. If you book a change oil service for your SUV while watching your favorite movie series at the comfort of your living room, it gets done even before you get to the next episode. Try having your brake pads changed at your office while you’re on your weekly meeting. It gets done, way before the recap of your next-to-do list. YES folks, it is THAT CONVENIENT.

And “NO,” all this convenience does not come at a high price. Surprisingly, AAP with MyCASA launches the home service without additional transportation or premium charges. AAP members can even get a discount off of the standard prices for MyCASA’s various services.

Currently, the coverage is for Metro Manila and CALABARZON region. Booking a service is as simple as calling the AAP Hotline at 723-08-08 or reaching MyCASA at (0917)854-1759 or through the MyCASA Facebook page.

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