What are the requirements for an International Driving Permit?

1) Original and photocopy of valid Philippine Driving License
2) Two pieces 2”x2” color ID picture, white background
3) Foreign nationals, dual citizens must present the original passport, photocopies of pages showing date of last arrival. Permanent residents on the other hand, must present passport and Alien Certificate Registration along with requirements no. 1, 2 and 3.
4) In case of non-appearance, a letter of  authorization and any valid ID of representative 
5) Processing fee P3,500 + 12% VAT = P3,920

* OFWs presenting valid OFW ID and official receipt from POEA which includes OWWA membership fee or Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) are entitled to 20% discount on membership.
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How long is the processing time for an International Driving Permit?

If you apply for IDP at the AAP main office at 2nd floor, AAP Tower, 683 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, actual processing time is about an hour.

PIDP applications coursed through our Makati, Alabang, Pampanga, Lipa offices take 2 to 3 working days to process; while through Cebu and Davao offices take 4 to 5 days.

A word of caution: Using a fake/spurious international driving permit may land you into serious trouble when traveling or working abroad. Penalties may range from stiff fines to deportation or even imprisonment. Please take note that AAP is the sole authorized issuer of the Philippine International Driving Permit (PIDP). If you got your PIDP in any place other than AAP, chances are you have been issued a spurious PIDP.

To check the authenticity of the PIDP issued to you, please call or visit AAP immediately so we can establish its legitimacy. If it turns out that you are in possession of a spurious PIDP, it is better that you find out (with AAP`s help) while you are still in the country. AAP can no longer help you if and when your spurious PIDP gets you into trouble abroad.


Can I apply for an International Driving Permit using a student driver`s permit?

No. Only those who have non-professional or professional licenses are eligible to apply for IDP.


How can I renew my International Driving Permit if I am out of the country?

If your PIDP has expired while you are still abroad, you can renew it at any AAP office through a representative (friends or relatives in the Philippines) or send an application for renewal online (click here).

In case of an online renewal, a representative will still need to proceed to any AAP office to complete the process and submit the requirements needed.

If the Philippine driver’s license presented upon the previous application for your PIDP is still valid, the representative can just present a photocopy to renew the PIDP. If your local license has already expired, the representative needs to secure a temporary license from the LTO and present it to any AAP office, together with the Official Receipt(OR). If the renewed driver’s license is with you abroad, a photocopy together with the original LTO certification and OR will be needed for the renewal.


Can I renew my International Driving Permit in advance before its date of expiry? How can I renew it in advance if I am abroad?

Yes, you can renew your PIDP in advance one (1) month before the expiration date. If you are out of the country and you want to renew it in advance and your Philippine driver’s license is still valid, have your representative proceed to any office with the ff. requirements:

1. Letter of Authorization (for renewing and collecting the PIDP)
2. AAP Annual membership (for one year)
3. PIDP fee of P3,500 + 12% VAT = P3,920

If your Philippine driver’s license is already expired or expiring at the same time as the date of expiry on your PIDP, you will need to secure the following and have your representative bring them to any AAP office:

1. Valid temporary driver’s license from the LTO
2. Official Receipt of payment

If you’ve brought the renewed local license with you abroad, your representative must present a photocopy at any AAP office for the renewal, accompanied by the original LTO certification and the OR.


In what countries is the Philippine International Driving Permit honored?

The Philippine International Driving Permit is honored in almost all countries that are signatories to the 1949 and 1968 United Nations Convention on Road Traffic. The contracting states are listed at the back of the PIDP license.


I do not need a membership, just the International Driving Permit, why do I have to pay for membership?

Reciprocal emergency road assistance by FIA-affiliated associations abroad can only be availed of through AAP membership. That is why we have made the granting of PIDP an exclusive AAP membership benefit.


Why can’t I renew my IDP through my representative while I’m here in Japan?

Japan doesn’t allow continuous use of IDP for more than a year. Members need to be out of Japan for at least 3 months to be allowed to use a renewed license.


Japan did not allow me to use my PIDP obtained only in December. Why?

AAP has not been informed until recently that Japan is not a signatory to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. We switched license format to the latter starting October 2012 at the suggestion of FIA. We switched back to the Geneva Convention format (only for PIDP for use in Japan).


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