Who may apply for AAP membership?

If you are 18 years of age and interested in motoring, you are qualified.


How do I apply for AAP membership?

1. Fill up membership application form
2. Submit one 2"x2" or passport size color ID picture, white background
3. P2,000 + 12% VAT = P2,240 membership fee

Click here to download the AAP membership application form or you may fill out the online application in this website.
Submit the form with your payment and 2"x2" ID picture at the nearest AAP office or you may email it at info@aap.org.ph


What are the benefits of being an AAP member when I am out of the country?

AAP membership benefits may be availed of in countries with which AAP has bilateral agreements, or has reciprocity agreements via other FIA-affiliated clubs.

AAP is part of AAA's "Show Your Card & Save (SYCS)" network worldwide. You may have already noticed the SYCS logo printed at the back of your AAP membership card. If you happen to visit any of the hundreds of shops in the USA, Canada, and Europe bearing the SYSC logo, just present your AAP card to avail of retail price discounts.


How can I pay my AAP membership dues?

You can pay your membership dues through the following options:

A. Cash/Check Payment (Pay at an AAP office or via collector's pick-up)

    Please call 705-3333 loc. 213 or 231 to schedule collection within Metro Manila.
    Please make check payments payable to "Automobile Association of the Philippines, Inc."

B. Credit cards (BPI Credit Card, Visa Card, Master Card and Diners Credit Card)
Type of payment: point of sale using credit card terminal (available at AAP offices only)


C. BDO Bill Payment (available in all BDO Bills Payment facilities nationwide)
    Type of payment: over-the-counter system

   How it works:
   - Fill out the BDO Bills Payment Slip with the following:
        a. Company name - Automobile Association Philippines
        b. Institution code - 0136
        c. Subscriber's account number – Reference number generated by the website for online application

           or call 705-3333 loc. 211 or 225 to get a temporary PIN for payment.

        d. Subscriber’s account name – member’s full name
            Upon teller’s validation, the BDO Payment Slip will serve as the official receipt.*

     For more information on the BDO Bill Payment, visit www.bdo.com.ph or call 631-8000.

D. BPI cashless payment scheme
    • Types of payment: online payment (Express Online); mobile payment (Express Mobile); phone payment

      (Express Phone); and ATM payment (Express Teller ATM)

      How it works:
      Enroll your account through phone banking, BPI website or one-time visit to BPI branch of account and

      enroll your AAP membership number or temporary PIN (to be provided by membership services) as your

      reference number in BPI's Bill Payment Facility

    • Pay your membership dues using the desired payment options mentioned.


Note: Applicable for renewal/old member's with alpha numeric membership number and BPI card holders only or you may call 705-3333 loc. 211 and get a temporary PIN for payment.*

For online application assistance, email info@aap.org.ph / aapmembershipservices@gmail.com or call 705-3333.


E. Cebuana Lhuillier Payment

AAP members can also pay through Cebuana Lhuillier branches by following these simple steps:

1.       Fill out the Pera Padala Form:

Sender’s Name: YOUR NAME


Transaction Type: COLLECTION

Amount: Php 0.00 (AMOUNT TO BE PAID)


* a.       New Membership: You can get your Reference No. from the message prompt after successfully applying for AAP membership online at www.aap.org.ph

   b.       Renewal: Your AAP Member’s Code (located above your name in your AAP membership card) will serve as your Reference No.

2.       Present the Pera Padala Form and cash to the branch personnel

3.       Get your validated Pera Padala Form to serve as your proof of payment

NOTE: P15 will be charged for every transaction.


What car models are entitled to be enrolled? How many?

Any roadworthy four-wheel, LTO registered, privately-owned passenger car or not-for-hire light commercial vehicle, regardless of model and mileage, can be enrolled. Regular members are entitled to register two cars while associate members can register one car.


Can I enroll my motorcycle under my membership?

Motorcycles can be enrolled but are entitled to LTO Registration Assistance service only while ERS or "towing" services are limited to 4-wheel vehicles only.


Can I be an AAP member even if I am already a member of another auto club?

AAP membership is open to everybody including those who are already members of other automobile clubs.


What are the types of AAP membership?

Benefits and   Regular  Associate Motorsports
Services  Individual  PIDP  Individual  

P2,000 + 12% VAT = P2,240

P3,500 + 12% VAT = P3,920

P1,500 + 12% VAT = P1,680
P6,000 + 12% VAT = P6,720-National
P9,000 + 12% VAT = P10,080-International

 3-Yr Membership Fee  P5,000 + 12% VAT = P5,600 P8,000 + 12% VAT = P8,960 P3,750 + 12% VAT = P4,200 N/A
 Registered cars  2  2  1  2

ERS interventions
per year
4 interventions or 100 km tow distance whichever comes first 4 interventions or 100 km tow distance whichever comes first 3 interventions or 60 km tow distance whichever comes first 4 interventions or
100 km distance whichever comes
LTO Vehicle Registration Assistance AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only
Free Personal Accident Insurance (Up to 65 years old only)



Free Glass
AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only AAP registered vehicles only
24/7 Ambulance Service* (Outsourced) Yes
discounted rate + consumables
discounted rate + consumables
discounted rate + consumables
discounted rate + consumables
FIA Clubs International Reciprocity Yes
Need to convert to regular Membership Yes
Partner Establishment Discount Yes
Philippine International Driving Permit Yes
Need to convert to regular membership Yes
Competition License for Motor Sport* Yes
Need to convert to regular membership Yes
Member Service Vehicle Program* Yes
Family Member Discount on Dues 1st immediate family member 20% 1st immediate family member 20% No
1st immediate family member 20% 
Voting Rights Yes Yes No Yes


* Not available in some offices
-Free emergency roadside and towing services can be availed of only after 7 days from the date of activation of membership


What are the types of Insurance a member can avail of?

AAP offers FOUR (4) types of insurance, namely:

• Personal accident insurance,
• Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Insurance
• Comprehensive Motor Car Insurance
• Non-motor car insurance


FPG Insurance Co., Inc.
AAP regular membership comes with Php300,000 personal accident insurance coverage that may also be extended to immediate family members (Php200, 000 for Associate Members).

• CTPL Insurance
Get your car’s Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) Insurance and Comprehensive Motor Insurance from AAP. Our insurance partner FPG Insurance Co., Inc. offer very competitive rates, exclusively for AAP members.

• Non-Motor Car Insurance
Get special member rates for insurance products such as fire, residential, property, travel and repatriation insurance.


Am I still covered by my AAP Insurance Plans if I'm outside the country?

AAP members are covered by their insurance plans almost anywhere in the world except for excluded areas stated on their insurance contract. For further details, kindly call our main office 705-3333.


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