HOW TO APPLY FOR A PIDP (Philippine International Driving Permit)

New and Renewal

Only regular AAP members may apply for a PIDP. If you are an associate member, you can convert to regular membership, which will confer availment of all benefits AAP provides.

Step 1:

Visit any AAP office and accomplish an application form (or download the form HERE). DO NOT leave any blanks. If the field is not applicable, put NA.

Step 2:

➢ Submit the original and one photocopy of your valid Philippine driver’s license, together with two 2”X2” colored ID picture with white background.

Note A   Note B

To avoid queuing  at our offices, you may submit an ONLINE APPLICATION FORM  and a scanned copy of your driver’s license ahead of time.


For renewals , if the local license (card-type) which you presented the last time you applied for PIDP is still valid, there is no need to present the original; one photocopy will do. 

Note C   Note D
For ABSENTEE applicants , provide an authorization letter to your representative with a valid ID. This also applies to applications for renewal of the PIDP.   Foreign nationals  and dual citizens must present their original passport and photocopies of the pages showing date of last arrival in the Philippines. For permanent residents, please present your passport and your Alien Certificate Registration along with all the requirements in no. 1.


Step 3:

For new applicants and on-time renewal, pay for your corresponding membership fee and PIDP processing fee.

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