AAP urges Lipa City leaders to #SpeakUp for Leadership in Road Safety

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Barangay leaders, teachers, parents, residents and public transportation drivers of Lipa attended AAP’s #SpeakUp movement for the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week on May 10, 2019 at Lipa City, Batangas.

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Young pedestrians like 12 year-old Allan Altez are the most vulnerable road users. A study conducted by the World Health Organization concluded that road crashes are consistently among the top three causes of death worldwide among youngsters aged 5 to 19.

Local leaders, civic organization representatives, and handpicked youth from Lipa City participated in AAP’s #SpeakUp forum in Lipa City, Batangas themed “Leadership in Road Safety” on May 10, 2019.

Held in observation of the United Nations’ 5th Global Road Safety Week, the whole-day activity was organized in partnership with the Philippine Global Road Safety Partnership (PGRSP), the Red Cross Philippines, and UNICEF Philippines whose respective representatives conveyed their messages on improving road safety in the country.

Launched in Barangay Tambo of Lipa City, the FIA-sponsored conference marked the beginning of a series of road safety activities to implement UN’s global initiative to save lives by demanding better road conditions and discipline from pedestrians.

Aside from presentations, an open forum with PGRSP Secretary General Alberto Suansing was conducted where each representative per barangay voiced his opinion and suggestions on how to improve Lipa City’s road conditions through law enforcement, discipline, and better infrastructure.

Battling prevalent killer among youth. Road crashes areone of the top causes of death among children in the country, especially amongFilipinos aged 5 to 19 as this is the age range when travelling to and from school becomes routine.

Dr. Angelito Umali of UNICEF Philippines said during his presentation at the community-based forum that “Thirty-four Filipinos die from road-related injuries every day. Among these casualties, children are the most common victims. This is why long-term road safety solutions must be in place to protect children until they reach the age of discernment.”

Red Cross Philippines focused on driver and pedestrian discipline as it rallied participants to “Be a leader. Change starts within you” for Road Safety Week.

“We know the purpose and meaning of traffic laws and signs but, in reality, we take it merely as suggestions,” Rhea Munsayac of Red Cross Philippines said. “You owe it to yourselves to follow traffic rules so other road users, especially children, would have a safe journey.”

UN’s #SpeakUp advocacy is a global movement that urges local leaders to pledge to make their constituents’ road safety demands a reality. Know more about the initiative by visiting www.mystreet.org or browsing #thisismystreet on Twitter and @mystreetcampaign on Instagram. 

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AAP Advocacies Manager Cynthia Reyes explains to locals UN’s #SpeakUp movement and how Lipa City is the launching pad of the series of forums in the region.


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PGRSP Secretary General Alberto Suansing talks about road safety practices and how simple preventive measures such as regular tire pressure checkup can help prevent road crashes.