6th Road Safety Conference

"Projects in Review"

August 31,2006


Conference Objective:


1.To review and assess results from the
conduct of the previous 5 conferences
and to discuss future projects suggested by said results.

2. To suggests performance indicators for effective monitoring and evaluation of progress in road safety performance.


1.Technical Presentation: Dr. Ric Sigua (UP-NCTS) - Transportation and Traffic Management Master Plan for the UP-Diliman Campus
2. Ms. Marte Perez (Safe Kids) - Road Safety for Children
3. Mr. Angelito Vergel de Dios (MMDA) - Traffic Enforcers Development Courses (High School)
, Accident Black Spots Identification ,
4. Major Traffic and Transport Management Programs Melanie Teng Go (Mancor) - Mancor
5. Ms. Annelie R. Lontoc (LTO) - The MVIS
6. Ms. Elena Bautista (LTFRB) - Road Safety Plans and Programs

Expected Output

1. Sustain project implemented during the program
2. Implement new programs for the coming year(s)
3. Widen scope of interest in Road Safety
4. Invite new partners in Road Safety Promotion

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