5th Road Safety Conference

Road Safety: Human Factor

June 01,2006


Conference Objective:

1. Information dissemination
2. Identification of issues and concerns
involving human factor from a road
safety perspective
3. Develop solutions to reduce accidents
involving human factor



1. Technical Presentation: Dr. Hilario Sean Palmiano - Factors Affecting Road Safety
2. Gen. Leandro Mendoza (DOTC Secretary) - Inspirational Talk
3. Ms. Elena H. Bautista (Chairperson LTFRB) - LTFRB Road Safety Plans and Programs
4. Mr. Cristopher Lianos (FEJO-DAP) - Jeepney Driver's Viewpoint
5. Mr. Monico Agustin (Don Mariano Transport) - Bus Driver's Viewpoint
6. Mr. Apolinar Jamo Jr. (Toyota Alabang Inc.) - Taxi Driver's Viewpoint
7. Dr. Ma. Sheila G. Napalang (UP-NCTS) - Pedestrian's Viewpoint
8. Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua (UP-NCTS) - Cyclist's Viewpoint
9. Ms. Annelie Lontoc (LTO Chief Asst.Secretary) - Human Factor(Regulator)
10. Dr. Aurora Corpuz Mendoza (UP-NCTS) - Application of Psychology to the Undestanding and Modification of Road User Behavior


Expected Output

Road safety issues and concerns involving human factor that require measures and action
programs to enhance road safety include:

1. Safety from a driver's perspective
2. Safety from a pedestrian's perspective
3. Driver behavior-an expert's opinion

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