4th Road Safety Conference

Road Safety in the Expressways

March 30,2006


Conference Objective:

To provide a forum

1. For the presentation of expressways operators "Road Safety Programs" for their respective expressways system

2. For a planning workshops to proactively enhance road safety condition along expressways



1. Technical Presentation: Dr. Cresencio M. Montalbo - Safety Features of Expressways
2. Mr. Anthony Mabasa (TMC) - Road Safety at NLEX
3. Mr. Abraham A. Purugganan(PNCC) - Road Safety at SLEX
4. Atty. Luis F. Sison (Former PNCC Chairman) - Motorist's Viewpoint
5. Mr. Raul R. Cepeda (Traffic Management Advocate) - Motorist's Viewpoint
6. Mr. Ramon M. Borromeo - Road Safety in the Skyway, Data on Accidents

Expected Output

1. Enhance Road Safety awareness among expressways operators and users;

2. Establish standard road safety engineering practice among expressways operators


Target Action Plans

1. For stakeholders to agree on standard road safety engineering practice to enhance road safety along expressways

2. Establish information exchange betweenexpressways operators and AAP RoadSafety Call Center for improved public information dissemination

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