3rd Road Safety Conference

Arterial Roads Traffic Safety Programs (ARTS)

January 26,2006


Conference Objective:

To promote a planning workshop to address
road safety concerns at strategic arterial
routes in the Metro Manila area.





Candidate Routes are:

2. C-5
3. Quezon Avenue
4. Don Mariano Marcos Ave
5. Osmena Highway






1. Technical Presentation: Dr. Ric Sigua -Road Safety on Arterial Roads
2. Mr. Ricky Velasco(Eye in the Sky ABS-CBN)
3. Mr. Melo Acuna (Radio Varitas)
4. Mr Albert Suansing (CTAP) - Truck Safety
5. Engr.Carlos G. Mutuc (DPWH) - Metro Manila Infrastructure Development
6. Dir.Angelito Vergel de Dios (MMDA) - Road Safety Programs Along Major
Thoroughfares in Metro Manila


Expected Output

An agreement to monitor and implement safety enhancing measures along arterial roads.

Media participation in monitoring and information dissemination.


Target Action Plans

Agreement on the:

1. Implementation of use of seatbelts
2. Implementation of use of helmets
3. Implementation drunk driving rules
4. Care and management of traffic lights
5. Agreement on U-turn and fences
6. Protection of the environment

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