2st Road Safety Conference

Road Accident - Prone Areas (Block Spots)

November 10,2005

Conference Objective:

To provide a forum for identification of hazardous
locations/black spots in the road Network,and to
develop relevant treatment plans.


1. Technical Presentation: Dr. Ric Sigua - Black Spots
2. Mr. Federico D.Pascual Jr. (Columnist, Philippine Star) - Road Accidents in Metro Manila
3. Engr. Ramon S. Ona(MMDA) - Black Spots in Metro Manila
4. Engr. Solita V. Genota(DPWH) - Enhancing Accident Black Spots Investigation
5. Mr. David Arcenas(AAP) - Road Safety Call Center Project

Expected Output

Identification of hazardous locations/black spots in the Metro Manila road network and the development of
relevant treatment plans;

Adjudication of agency responsibilities in the implementation of safety treatments;

Creation of an Emergency response procedure .

Target Action Plans

Establish cooperation among agencies concerned;

Centralized and improve traffic accident reporting;

Create an emergency response SOP for accidents.

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